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Hi. My name is Jason Sherman. I own Whyze Group, a Cleveland SEO, lead generation and customer communication store. I’m a small business person. So, we might have a lot in common.

We both want customers to find us. We want to tell our story in ways that captivate people and build their trust. We want them to buy and to feel so good about their experiences that they refer friends.

If we’re on the same page, read on…

Until five years ago, I was doing marketing consulting for big clients across the U.S. That required me to fly out from Cleveland, Ohio nearly every week.

I needed a change. I wanted to work in Cleveland with small business owners.

Here’s why.

Of all the people I’d met professionally, the most dynamic and  inspiring were small business owners–the woman who’d forgone paying herself so she could pay her staff at her growing insurance agency; the independent sales rep who drove thirty miles to help a customer fix his mailbox.

So, I made the decision to specialize in lead generation, SEO and writing for small businesses.

I’d always had a knack for writing scintillating business proposals, marketing strategy reports and press releases that got the attention of business  media and clients. Business journals published my articles.

I’d even written a couple of top-selling books on Amazon (under my pen name, Dan Cody.) I promoted that book mainly through SEO, social media and a few blog posts.

But, I have to admit that SEO didn’t come as easily as my writing years before. After digging into it, I realized that SEO is actually less complicated than most of the market analyses I wrote for big companies.

I saw the results of my rapidly developing “skills triad”– SEO + writing + lead generation.

I was selling more of my books. I was getting more visitors to my websites. More people were signing up for my email lists. My email open rates exceeded industry averages.

In short, I was getting more leads to people who engaged with me and eventually bought my writing. Working had become fun again.

So today, when not working on my small Cleveland SEO, lead generation and writing businesses, I help fellow small business owners.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with me, this might help…

Like you, I strive to delight clients. That means I am…

  • a people pleaser. I do my best to keep my customers coming back and telling others.
  • honest. If I’m not sure I can deliver what you’ve asked for, I’ll tell you.
  • organized. Project management is a strength of mine.
  • fair. I charge according to the size of your business and the scope of your needs.
  • results-driven. My job is to write stories that captivate people and that search engines elevate in their search results.  My job is to generate more clicks, leads and revenue for you.

I hope you’ll contact me today.

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Whyze Group is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Call us at  (440) 785-0547.