“Whyze Group’s hands-on experience guiding Fortune 500 companies in their innovation efforts made them the perfect partner in a customer experience initiative at Nationwide. Whyze Group seeks and surfaces all of the most relevant and meaningful insights, puts them into context, and then helps partners determine appropriate actions.”

– Michelle Tufford, Vice President, Nationwide Insurance

“I would recommend Whyze Group to anyone truly searching for improvements to their customer experience to create tangible business results. They helped our company create a language around innovation. Partnering with Whyze Group is like the calm of sunshine after a dark, thunderous storm: clarity, transparency, and collaboration toward a common goal.”

– Erin Overly, Marketing Manager, Rubbermaid

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Jason Sherman and his team at Whyze Group. I retained Whyze Group to support two large client engagements.”

– Chris O’Leary, Vice President, nGenera

“Jason and I collaborated on a consulting engagement for a large client in the retail industry focused on designing an intentional customer experience that supported the company’s objectives.

-George Fandos, Managing Director, The James Agency

“Jason brought a consultant’s perspective to the work he did for Finish Line during 2011. He is very curious, intuitive, and articulate.”

-Steven Schreibman, Chief Marketing Officer, The Finish Line

“Thanks to your professional guidance, our team was able to establish key marketing priorities and go to market with great purpose and direction.

– Steven Cindrich, Marketing Director, Humana

Feedback from attendees at a Whyze Group customer experience innovation workshop:

“I learned a new approach to “influencing” and how to package the big picture/bottom line message with it.”

“The case studies were excellent!”

“Great information on how to present ideas to management.”

“I liked the “mental model” discussion.”

“It helps me clarify my goals and how to achieve them.”

“Excellent integration of tools to influence my company to change their approach to sales and marketing.”

“Best workshop yet.”

“Just what I needed!”

“This was an excellent way of prioritizing how to determine what research projects to take on and what ones do not make business sense.”